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Moonwalk was born in 2008 from an unconditional love for stories, the beauty of images and the passion of those who make them. For more than 15 years, agencies and advertisers have made no mistake about it and like to draw from the talents we offer them to feed ever crazier stories, whatever the format.

Moonwalk creates content in 360, both literally and figuratively. From Easter Island to Stains via the Namibia Desert, our expertise knows no borders.

With the “human”, above all, as our compass, we listen to creative people and our talents, accompanying them with the same passion, whether they be new collaborators or our ride-or-die crew who have been with us since day one. Today, our roster is made up of both established and emerging artists, international and French directors, from the world renowned to the fresh talents and multidisciplinary artists and the total digital natives under our sister company, En Face. All are unique but they all look like us: they are Moonwalkers. The family continues to grow. Let's connect !